The Christian life


is a life that is lived in community with other Christians. Followers of Christ need a community of faith to worship God, serve their community, love and support one another, ask hard questions, grow and learn, laugh and cry, be angry and confused, experience healing, navigate ethics, seek transcendence, know God's immanence, affirm faith and hope, and seek strength for the journey.


Our Rock is...


Where you are welcome to be yourself and where difference is given dignity, honor and respect

  • People from diverse religions and faith traditions attend regularly

  • All walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds worship here

  • Love and valuing individuality help God's people find their self-worth


Where you are able to seek answers to your life and faith questions and to discern what it means to be a Christian in today’s world without being a theologian. Followers of Christ need a community of faith to worship God and to love and support one another.

  • Vibrant worship strives to touch the heart and mind

  • The bible is taught, discussed, and adapted to everyday life

  • The sick are cared for, the bereaved are loved, and shutins are supported



Where you are able to put your faith in action serving those in need through acts of compassion and kindness

  • We have many local missions for you to choose from that serve the less fortunate of our community

  • Our hearts are open to assist transient people in need of food, lodging, and gas money to get back home